I'm Maddy Myers. I write. My writing portfolio contains links to my best work.

I'm the Assistant Games Editor at Paste Magazine. I'm a host on a weekly gaming podcast called Isometric on Relay FM. I co-star in a comedy web series called Samus and Sagat, hosted by Destructoid. I also write songs, solo and with my band.

I used to be a videogame critic for the Boston Phoenix until that publication went out of business in March 2013. My freelance writing has also appeared in Kill Screen magazine, re/Action, Gameranx, The Border HouseSlice of MIT and MIT Technology Review

If you are a total stranger who wants to send me an email about your feelings towards me, please play this game by Caelyn Sandel instead. It will provide you with a greater sense of emotional satisfaction than my probable lack of response. If you want to give me a million bucks, no strings attached, please contact me at maddymyerswrites (at) gmail (dot) com so we can organize a discreet method of cash delivery.