I'm Maddy Myers. I write. My writing portfolio contains links to my best work.

I'm the Assistant Editor of Paste Magazine's videogames section. At Paste, I write game news, reviews, and a biweekly column called Hyper Mode. I used to be a videogame critic for the Boston Phoenix until that publication went out of business in March 2013. If you want to read how I sound without an editor, you can read the occasional posts I put on my personal blog, which lives here on this site.

You can follow me on Twitter @samusclone. You can subscribe to my public Facebook posts at facebook.com/samusclone. I am also on Google Plus and Linked In. Email me at maddymyerswrites (at) gmail (dot) com. Predictably, samusclone (at) gmail (dot) com will also forward to that address.